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The Best Of Both Worlds

With the J4 Dental Implant System, we’re able to provide you with all Predictability and Reliability of a tried and true system, without sacrificing the Customized, Aesthetic Uniqueness found within every Beautiful Smile.

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Precise Engineering

The “Nuts & Bolts” of the System are found below the surface… Think of this like the Foundation of a house. The foundation needs to be done right and built to withstand a variety of forces and elements. The same applies to the surgical aspect of dental implants. All of our implant treatments are planned and executed with the same core principles in mind. The same “System”… This ensures that the bone, implants, components, & structural integrity of your smile are all firmly planted for the best long-term success and predictability.

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Unparalleled Artistry

The Art lies within the look and feel of the new teeth/prosthetic. We are Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentists trained extensively in Implantology. What that means is the J4 System that we have created begins with the END in mind. We plan the aesthetics with extraordinary attention to detail and treat every single patient as a totally custom aesthetic project. The teeth are crafted, designed, & color matched to best compliment your particular facial dimensions & structure.

Real Patients.
Real Results.
Next Level Smiles.

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dental implant patient smiling
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One System, Multiple Options, Multiple Price Points

full mouth dental implants model

Full-Mouth Dental Implants

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Ceramic Zirconium Dental Implants

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Zygomatic Dental Implants


Single Dental Implants

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Removable/Snap-In Dental Implants

ceramic zirconium dental implants

Nano Ceramic Dental Implants

Need Information On Pricing? 

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How To Know
What Option Is Best For You

1.) Remember that a Treatment Plan is just that A PLAN. And Plans are created to achieve a specific goal, or at least they should be created that way. The treatment comes and goes very quickly. Thats not actually what you are buying. You are buying the result that the treatment will provide! That is the best way to think about it to avoid choosing a treatment and later being very unhappy with the look, feel, or function of your new smile.

2.) Have a clear vision to communicate as far as what you want and what you expect. How do you want to look? How important are Aesthetics? How important is function and being able to eat and chew with no mobility? Do you want something that is fixed and low maintenance, or something that may come in and out? What do you want in terms of longevity and durability? If we know the answers to these questions in addition to having the diagnostics and a good idea of your current situation, we can then create a the perfect Treatment Plan to achieve all of your goals!

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