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Dental Cleanings Can Save Your Teeth

Research shows that the mouth is infection’s entryway into the body. Having good oral hygiene is your best first line of defense. When you visit our Santa Clarita hygienists, you will find that they care about you. They are skilled in dental cleanings and at helping you defend against plaque and tartar build-up caused by bacteria. In fact, our entire staff is concerned about your oral health and will maximize the opportunity to take care of you. Our hygienists will provide a thorough, gentle dental cleaning, removing any accumulated plaque or tarter followed by Dr. Javid examining your teeth for cavities, tooth decay and bite problems. Our dentists will evaluate your gums and cheeks for diseases like gingivitis and oral cancer. After your dental cleaning, your attending dentist will discuss any findings and, if needed, will schedule future appointments and help you reach a quick and affordable solution. For a quality dental cleaning in Santa Clarita call us today at (661) 669-7490.
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Improving Your Experience: A How To

Your dental cleaning in Santa Clarita is an easy and beneficial treatment.

“I Wouldn’t Dream of Going Anywhere Else!

“I have been a patient of Promenade Dentistry for 10 years and I love the staff. They are friendly, professional, accommodating and awesome. The quality of care that you receive here is exceptional. Not only are they friendly and professional but they are also experienced and knowledgeable. That’s really important to me.”

-Jasmine J.
Santa Clarita, CA

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Gentle Cleanings
in Santa Clarita

Teeth collect calculus (tartar), which is hardened plaque that has developed over time and is now firmly attached to the tooth surface. Tartar forms above and below the gum line and can only be removed with special dental instruments. Plaque is a sticky, almost invisible, film that forms on the teeth. It is a growing colony of living bacteria, food debris, and saliva. Our Santa Clarita hygienists will provide you with an excellent dental cleaning, removing calculus (tartar) and plaque, finalized by polishing your teeth for a pleasing outcome. After removing the plaque and tartar during your dental cleaning, your teeth will be polished to remove stains and brighten your smile.

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Our Tried and True
Teeth Cleanings

This dental cleaning is done with extreme care and a very gentle touch for a wonderful dental cleaning in Santa Clarita. At the conclusion of your dental cleaning and exam, our dentists will take the time to discuss any concerns that you may have in regards to your oral health or desires you have to enhance the look of your smile. We offer many cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to give you a healthier and more beautiful smile and will be glad to share these options with you. Composite fillings, veneers or teeth whitening are just a few of the services you can discuss with our dentists after your dental cleaning in our Santa Clarita office.

Leave Feeling Refreshed

A dental cleaning in Santa Clarita at Promenade Dentistry will leave you feeling calm, light and refreshed.

At Promenade Dentistry, we want you to be comfortable with every step of your visit, so let us know if there is anything you need. We have available music, books, movies and really anything to make you feel right at home. We know a trip to the dentist can have some feeling nervous or anxious. So we enjoy helping you have peace of mind and making sure your visit is a pleasant one.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now at (661) 669-7490.

“We Will Take Care Of You

Get your dental cleaning in Santa Clarita at Promenade Dentistry for the best possible care.

“When families need great dental care in Santa Clarita, they turn to our team at Promenade Dentistry. We have been in business since 1998 and have been giving excellent care to dental patients for over 17 years. I firmly believe that everyone in the family deserves a great smile, including your children. Our professional staff and I will help care for and protect your family’s smile and their dental health. I thoroughly enjoy taking the opportunity to make sure each and every member of your family is treated with a unique approach to accommodate the differences in personalities and ages. I take special care to educate all children in good oral hygiene, adults in how to floss and care for their gums and protect their teeth, and encourage seniors to care even more diligently in the maintenance of their periodontal health.”

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