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Biological And Mercury Free Dentistry

Promenade Dentistry is proud to offer all forms of holistic dentistry. Holistic or biological dentists believe in the whole body connection. That means that we believe that there is a direct correlation between dental health and overall health. We believe that what is placed or done in the mouth has effects on the entire body. That being said, we offer fully mercury free dentistry, eliminating the need for mercury fillings and other metal-based dental hardware that is toxic and harmful to the body and environment. From mercury filling removal to ceramic implants, we have your metal-free dental needs met. Give us a call today to find out what holistic dental options are available for you.
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Tanya U. Explains, "I Love Holistic Dentistry!"

“I Love Holistic Dentistry!

“I had a traumatic experience as a child with an amalgam filling that went bad. Eventually I lost the tooth and I avoided dentists after that. I knew it was time to get my dental health back on track so I began to research dentists. I came across Promenade Dentistry and talked to them about my concerns. I was so happy to hear that they offered metal free dentistry. Dr. Javid is up to date on the latest non toxic treatments. He also uses dental ozone therapy and much more. I am happy to say that I love holistic dentistry and am happy that I am going to the dentist again.”

-Tanya U.
Santa Clarita, CA

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Why Choose Mercury Free Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry analyzes the health of your body as a whole and not just piece by piece. It is a more natural, healthier approach to giving you the smile of your dreams. When you treat the body as a whole, you must understand that everything you put in your mouth can affect everything else. Dental amalgam fillings or silver fillings are about 50% elemental mercury. Mercury is a poison and it is toxic, even in small doses. It is the same type of mercury used in certain types of banned thermometers. Mercury is a major concern because it poses a dangerous threat to public health because it accumulates in the body and this buildup is incredibly hazardous to your health. In addition to the hazard to your health, mercury released into the environment also causes harm to wildlife. The first way to eliminate this danger to your health is by removal of silver amalgam dental fillings. After the amalgam is removed, we use biocompatible materials to replace the filling. Bio-friendly, amalgam alternatives include composite resin, glass ionomer, porcelain, and gold, to name a few. These materials have no known toxins or side-effects and are white composite materials for a better, more natural overall aesthetic. In addition, we use ceramic implants instead of titanium, and CEREC dental appliances are fully ceramic and aren’t mixed with metal. Promenade Dentistry is passionate about restoring your beautiful smile in the most healthy and effective way. If you currently have mercury fillings or are interested in any of our holistic offerings, please call us today at (661) 669-7490 or click the ‘Schedule Appointment’ button at the top of the page set up a consultation.

Mercury Safe

We offer holistic dentistry in Santa Clarita at Promenade Dentistry

We are taking the anxiety out of dental health! Holistic dentistry offers metal-free, painless healthy options for all of your dental treatments. You can rest assured that when you go to Promenade Dentistry, you will have the most up-to-date, best holistic treatments that are effective and efficient. If you want to treat not only your dental health but make sure that your overall health is the best that it can be, give us a call today!

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“The Best, Healthiest Dental Experience Possible

Get the best holistic dental treatment in Santa Clarita at Promenade Dentistry.

“Mercury is dangerous, in all forms and amounts. It is our commitment to help educate and move our clients toward a more safe and toxicity-free mouth and body. We are committed to finding and using bio-friendly dental solutions along with the most modern technologies to make sure that you are receiving the best, healthiest dental experience possible. We are excited to continue learning and moving toward more and more biological dental procedures, making it a way of life. When we combine our knowledge of traditional medicine and our new holistic alternatives, we can truly offer you a healthy smile with less risk to your overall health.”

-Dr. Ben Javid
Promenade Dentistry

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