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Safe Amalgam Removal

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Mercury Filling Removal

Removing mercury fillings has become increasingly popular and is now a pretty common procedure. Regardless of how common removal is, it is still complicated and dentists need proper training. Promenade Dentistry is SMART Certified, meaning that they are certified by the IAOMT to safely remove mercury amalgam fillings. Traditional silver amalgam fillings are prepared with mercury and it can be hazardous to your health. Studies have shown that amalgam fillings can increase your risk of serious illnesses and disorders. The dental team at Promenade Dentistry is committed to maintaining your dental AND overall health and is certified to remove amalgam fillings and replace them with tooth colored, biofriendly fillings. If you have older silver fillings that you would like replaced, don’t delay – call us for an appointment today!

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Geoff H. Explains, "I Am Ecstatic That My Dental Health Is Back On Track!"

“I Am Ecstatic That My Dental Health
Is Back On Track!

“I didn’t take the best care of my teeth when I was a kid, so I had a few cavities. In the 90s, we didn’t think twice about silver fillings. As an adult, I began to be more and more self conscious about my fillings and concerned that the mercury could be adversely affecting my health. I decided it was time to remove my silver fillings and replace them with tooth colored fillings. I called Promenade Dentistry and made an appointment. What a great decision! The process was relatively simple and Dr. Javid talked me through it, every step of the way. I’m happy to be rid of the silver fillings and ecstatic that my dental health is back on track.”
-Geoff H.
Santa Clarita, CA

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SMART Certified Dentist

With holistic dentistry we believe that using metal and other foreign objects in your body may have unintended negative consequences on your overall health. We here at Promenade Dentistry believe that removing and replacing amalgam fillings is beneficial to your overall health. We are pleased to offer bio-friendly ceramic alternatives to traditional amalgam fillings. Amalgam removal is a very common procedure, but it must be done with extreme caution. Dr. Javid is officially a SMART certified dentist. SMART stands for Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique. The IAOMT has developed strict guidelines for removing existing amalgam fillings in such a way as to minimize any potential negative effects of mercury exposure to the patient and the dental staff. At Promenade Dentistry, we take every precaution to make sure that there are no complications with your procedure. We are trained and are experts in removing these types of fillings so that you do not breathe in or swallow any during treatment. We keep the office as sterile and safe as possible. In addition, we use IQAir technology, which keeps the air purified and free from airborne pollutants. If you or your loved one has silver fillings that need to be replaced, give Promenade Dentistry a call today!

Remove Silver Fillings

Removal of silver fillings will give you peace of mind in Santa Clarita.

Are you worried about your amalgam fillings? Once you remove your silver fillings, you will no longer have to worry about the potential adverse effects that mercury may have on your overall health. You can rest easy that SMART certified the team at Promenade Dentistry takes every precaution to make sure that you are safe and comfortable, every step of the way.

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“Amalgam Filling Removal Poses No Threat To Your Health”

Amalgam filling removal by SMART certified dentist in Valencia.

Promenade Dentistry is committed to providing our patients with the safest option for amalgam filling removal. I am happy to announce that we are now SMART certified. This certification means that we are trained in the best, safest mercury removal practices so that your amalgam filling removal poses no threat to your health.”

-Dr. Ben Javid
Promenade Dentistry

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