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Experiencing a Toothache in Santa Clarita?

The last thing you would want to do when faced with a toothache in Santa Clarita or dental emergency is to have to research where to go to relieve your pain and suffering. The place for dental pain relief in Santa Clarita is Promenade Dentistry. Dr. Javid is the emergency dentist in Santa Clarita that can be trusted implicitly to quickly stop the pain you are experiencing. It doesn’t matter if you have cracked a tooth, broken a crown or are experiencing extreme toothache pain in your gums or teeth, you can count on our team to provide pain relief and comfort not only physically, but mentally as well. Whether it is an extraction, root canal or other emergency, you can count on Promenade Dentistry to get you out of pain and restore your dental health. Get out your emergency list of numbers now and put Promenade Dentistry at the top of the list. Contact us for all your dental emergencies in Santa Clarita at (661) 669-7490.

3 Tips To Help Your Dental Emergency

A toothache in Santa Clarita can be extremely painful. Here are some tips to help you out at home.

Masha B.

“A Very Caring and Soothing Atmosphere

“I love the staff at Promenade Dentistry because they make me feel like family. They’re very welcoming, they’re always smiling and I feel truly comfortable under their care. The treatment and services here are really, truly excellent. Everybody cares about you, Everybody is here to make your visit very pleasant. They take good care of you and the technology here is top notch so you know that you are getting the best care. My experience with Dr. Javid has been very pleasant, he’s been gentle and attentive to my needs. He makes sure that I am not experiencing any discomfort and tries to make the dental procedure as comfortable as possible. He checks in with you every few minutes just to make sure that you are doing well and you’re not in pain and he’s taking good care of you.”

-Masha B.
Santa Clarita, CA


Promenade Dentistry Has All Toothache Treatments

Treatments for tooth injuries and toothache in Santa Clarita will depend on the kind, position and severity of your tooth injury. Anytime you have a dental injury, no matter how trivial, it is best to have an examination by Dr. Javid, who has extensive experience examining injured areas as well as diagnosing cavities and tooth decay. He will save the tooth if at all possible to try and avoid extraction . He will detect and effectively treat the area as well as the neighboring teeth and gums. Dr. Javid will make every effort to get you a same day appointment and relieve you of the pain and discomfort from the injury.

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Emergency Dentistry Solutions

For cracked or broken teeth, our doctors will use layers of composite material to restore your teeth to their natural beauty. If your injury includes a tooth completely knocked out, rinse your mouth with cold water, and then carefully insert the tooth back into the socket. If this is not possible, put the tooth into a cup of cold water or your own saliva and call us immediately. We will make every effort to re-insert the tooth for a full restoration. If the tooth placement is not successful, Dr. Javid will explain and offer other treatment options such as an implant or bridge. Let us relieve your toothache in Santa Clarita while restoring your dental health. Call us today at (661) 222-2242 if you are experiencing any kind of dental pain.

Don’t Worry, We’re Here

If you have tooth pain in Santa Clarita there is no need to worry, we’ve got you covered with 24/7 phone service.

We always have someone willing and ready to help you with all of your dental needs, including dental emergencies and toothaches. Whether you just have a question, need to schedule an appointment or need dental help as soon as possible, you can count on our team at Promenade Dentistry to be available by phone 24/7. We want to get you out of pain and happy as quickly as possible.

We are available to answer your questions 24/7. Call us now at (661) 669-7490.

“Take the Fast Road To Recovery

If you have tooth pain in Santa Clarita, don’t wait. Call us for help 24/7.

“When you choose me as your emergency dentist in Santa Clarita, I will make sure to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. Rather than getting an answering machine, all of our after hour calls go straight to a live person. With the doctor just one call away, why suffer with toothache pain or discomfort any longer than necessary? Call me immediately! I will examine and assess how to relieve your discomfort, and then get to the cause of your dental problem. I will help you with your tooth pain in Santa Clarita, whether it is a chipped tooth, root canal exposure, tooth decay, gum disease or any other dental issue. After the pain has been controlled, I will find and initiate the dental solution that will put you on the road to recovery.”

-Dr. Ben Javid
Promenade Dentistry

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