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Excellent Patient Care
with a State-of-the-Art Lab

state of the art dental lab

Technology to Set us Apart

Promenade Dental makes it easy for patients in the Santa Clarita, CA area to choose us as their primary dentist thanks to the amazing technology we have to offer with our patient care. Technology helps Dr. Ben Javid and Dr. Shawn Javid treat patients with precision and efficiency. Such precision can make procedures less invasive, and cost-effective, and increase the chances of success.  At Promenade Dental we strive to stay up to date on the latest technology in our state-of-the-art dental lab. Patients can trust they are receiving top-of-the-line care no matter what type of treatment they are visiting us for. Choosing a dental office with a dental laboratory can make a world of difference in the excellence of your patient care.

Promenade Dental can provide you the dental team with the experience and training to support your oral health journey. Your oral health can affect your physical and mental well-being. Making your oral health a priority can greatly enhance your quality of life. Once you begin your oral health journey it’s vital to choose a dental office with the right tools. Our dental lab allows Drs. Ben and Shawn Javid to perform a variety of services in-house, minimizing wait times and costs. Surgery guides, 3D imaging, implants, and restorations are all created under the supervision of your dentist. Promenade Dental features a full-mouth dental implant laboratory capable of creating implants and restorations. These cost-saving amenities directly benefit our patients allowing us to provide affordable dental implants. We utilize custom-made surgery guides to enhance precision and efficiency during your implant surgery. Trust us to provide you with the patient care you deserve!

dental implant patient receiving CBCT scan

Using Technology for Our Patients

At Promenade Dental we use cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality patient care. Dr. Ben Javid and Dr. Shawn Javid strive to provide precision and efficiency by utilizing the latest technology available in the field. As a result, complex surgeries can be accomplished with greater speed and accuracy. At the Promenade Dental lab, you’ll find features such as:

  • CEREC Milling mMachine
  • 3D Digital Imaging
  • Full arch milling
dental assistant using advanced dental technology

The Benefits of Advanced Technology

The benefits of choosing a dental practice with an in-house dental lab mean faster turnaround times for restorations, surgery guides, and imaging. Patients can receive customized and detailed treatment thanks to imaging allowing your dentist to extensively plan surgeries. Lastly, the cost-saving benefits mean our patients can receive the treatment they need sooner. Surgeries like full-mouth dental implants, bone grafting, and sinus lifts can be accomplished with precision. If you have been waiting to find the right dental office, look no further! Promenade Dental is the dental office with the tools you need to help you take charge of your oral health. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ben Javid or Dr. Shawn Javid in our Santa Clarita, CA office today to see the difference technology can make.

Get Pricing And Options For Treatment

dental implant patient hugging doctor

We Value Our Patients

At Promenade Dental we strive to care for our clients beyond treatment. For patients with severe dental anxiety, we offer a variety of sedation dentistry options to help make patients feel relaxed and comfortable. We also work with several insurance carriers and third-party financing services to help make treatments affordable. Our finance coordinator can advise you on the best way to utilize our financing services and maximize your insurance benefits. Simply contact our finance department to learn more, or during your consultation speak with our team. No matter your dental health needs, the team at Promenade Dental is here to help you! Let us blow you away with our amazing technology and patient care. Stay for the attention to patient care and how much we value your health. Schedule your appointment with us today!